About Us

A Rider With An Idea - And Some Guts To Bring It Into Being

Twelve years ago, Classy Rider emerged out of my own desire for a riding jacket that I could put on for 'everyday riding'.  On beautiful days I wanted to take my motorcycle to meet with friends, go to restaurants, run errands and even ride to work.  Basically, I wanted to use my motorcycle for transportation - after all, that's what millions of people around the globe do. 

But, most traditional cruiser jackets just weren't made for this type of use - they were too heavy, too bulky and too hot for riding in the warm weather.  On the flip side, regular street jackets don't have the protection and just don't work for riding.  So, I decided to merge these concepts and created a mainstream styled jacket that provided all of the features that riders need, and do it so that the jacket was lightweight, comfortable, easy to clean/maintain but looked like a casual mainstream jacket.

I invite you to take a closer look at all of the features that are packed into this jacket under the 'Features' tab and then to browse around the great range of materials that the jackets are offered in.  I'm sure that you'll find something that will fill your everyday riding needs.  You'll find both men's and women's jackets that are designed to make riders look great both on and off the bike so that you can use your motorcycle or scooter to go more places, more often.  We've had hunters subject the men's bronco brown to the 'sniff-test' and still couldn't tell if the suede was real or textile (that made me chuckle... textile, of course!).  And, one female rider customer wrote to tell me that the new "Black Beauty" embossed black jacket was 'exquisite' - pretty high praise for a motorcycle jacket!

Over the years we've listened closely to our customers' suggestions and have made numerous modifications to both the design and features based on what you told us.  Today, I'm extremely proud of the Classy Rider line and realize that it has truly been a collaborative effort between me and the wonderful customers who have provided input.  Hundreds of you have been kind enough to write or call to tell me how much you love your jacket, and I can't even begin to tell you what that means to me.  And, so many magazine editors and reviewers have also given kudos to Classy Rider and helped to spread the word that there are alternatives to the heavy leathers out there - thank you!  One editor wrote that Classy Rider jackets were 'clever chameleons' since they conceal all of the protection inside while looking mainstream on the outside. 

We strive to make a great product and to make our customers happy - it shouldn't be a hassle to order on-line.  If you're not sure about a size or color, just give me a call and we'll help you out.  Please NOTE that Classy Rider jackets run large - we call it "reality sizing" and have noted the true size ranges next to the sizes in each drop-down.  Ladies - if you're a size 2-4 then, well - I'm jealous - but we probably can't fit you properly... on the plus side, we do offer jackets that fit the plus size gal.

If you'd like to give feedback, have any questions or just want to talk about a great ride, I'd love to hear from you!  Meanwhile, enjoy the wind in your face and of course, Ride Safely!

Kathy McCurry
Founder/President (Head Rider and Helmet Washer)
To send me an email, simply click on the red "Got Questions?" tab in the lower right corner of your screen - that comes directly to me!