Road Warrior: Solid Shell with Satiny Lining

$ 139.00

Classy Rider's best-selling motorcycle jacket with a satiny lining perfect for temps of 50 - 85 degrees!

This men's lightweight motorcycle jacket has a soft, comfortable ultra-suede shell with a satiny lining for a bit more thermal warmth. Since all our jackets are textile, they won't spot in the rain and are machine washable.

As with all Classy Rider jackets, inside you'll find all the protection and features you need:

  • 1000 denier DuPont Cordura protection sewn along the 'skid-zones' in the sleeves with zippered pockets that hold flexible EVA elbow pads in place
  • A removable abrasion-resistant back-piece that holds a low profile EVA foam spine pad - You can easily remove this piece and stow it in your saddlebag to convert this to a great looking jacket for when you get where you're going
  • 4 pockets inside to hold wallet, keys, cell phone, sunglasses, comb, maps and more
  • Zippered side vents
  • Gusseted back extension for easy upper-body mobility and
  • Longer sleeves to accommodate the handlebar reach
  • Adjustable wrist bands for added comfort
  • The jacket has been trimmed-in through the ribs to prevent wind-billowing
  • High loose collar to deflect the wind
  • Small but visible reflective patch on the back enhances visibility to other drivers
  • BEST OF ALL - Just machine wash & dry - no kidding! And, the jackets won't spot from the rain
WARNING:  Classy Rider jackets make guys look great walking away, if you catch our meaning.

Now you can have the protection you need without the bulk! The Bronco Brown and Black jackets with satiny lining are ideal for temps: 50 - 85 degrees. If you're looking for something for warmer temps, check out The Commuter or the OMG Jacket!

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